Member Discount and Login FAQ's

Having trouble logging into your membership account? Follow the below steps:

How do I redeem my 10% Member’s discount?

If this is your first time making a purchase with your membership discount since our new site was launched (Dec '19) then you need to create a Wanderers Shop Account and link it to your Wanderers Membership account details. 

Any renewed Club Member receives 10% off full priced items, excluding memorabilia. This discount is not in conjunction with any other offers. 

How do I create a Wanderers Shop Account?

  • Click on REGISTER in the top right hand corner of
  • Tick “Yes” to ‘Are you a Club Member?’
  • Provide the email address linked to your Wanderers membership. If you do not have an email address linked to your membership account, or are unsure what the address may be, please contact the membership department on (02) 8602 6424 or
  • Provide your Wanderers membership password. If you do not know this password please see the next question- I do not know my password for my Membership account. What can I do?
  • Create your Wanderers Shop password and reconfirm. This can be the same or different from your membership password
  • Fill out your personal details 
  • Tick you agree to the Privacy Policy and prove you are not a Robot
  • Finally click “Create Account” 

I do not know my password for my Membership account. What can I do?

If you do not know your membership password, you can reset your member password via our Wanderers Membership site here

  • In the top right hand corner click ‘Sign In’ 
  • Enter the email address associated with your membership and then click ‘Next’ 
  • This will bring up the ‘Forgot Password’ option 

If you do not receive an email it might mean that we have the wrong email address registered for your membership. To enquire about this please contact the membership team on (02) 8602 6424 or

I have set up my Wanderers Shop account, but it is not recognising me as a member (i.e. 'Fail email' or 'Fail password' error message). What should I do?

Please check that your email address and membership password are correct. If you have recently updated your email or password in your membership account you will need to update your account with the Wanderers Shop to reflect these changes.

To re-enter your details follow the below steps:

  • Sign into your Wanderers Shop account by clicking SIGN IN the top right hand corner of
  • Click Account
  • Click Account Settings
  • Select Yes to “Want to access Club member discount?/Update Club member password”
  • Re-enter your email address linked to your club membership account and your membership password in the field ‘Provide your club membership password’
  • Click 'Update Details' and log out of your account
  • Log back into your account to see the discount automatically applied on eligible products.

If you are still unable to log in please contact membership at